The netizen is contended for invite " the river below environmental protection director swims " on Feburary 16, zhejiang saves Jin Zengmin of president of limited company of glasses of prosperous of Hangzhou wool source to express on small gain, luck of city of Zhejiang province lukewarm state installs celestial being to fall the industrial pollution of base of factory of street balata shoe is very serious, sewage emits into a river directly, on the side number of liver cancer patient is gotten high unusual, if environmental protection director dare swim 20 minutes in this river,take out 200 thousand. black pumps with red bottom This is small red bottom shoes for women once rich is released draw a netizen to be heated up in succession turn. 19 days, this " ask a director to swim " " small gain rise in revolt " pass baton again, discount christian louboutin the netizen invites Cang Nahuan to sale christian louboutin red bottom pumps protect the price that the river below the director swims to go up to 300 thousand. "Hear how Zhejiang luck has boss offer a reward 200 thousand yuan ask the river below environmental protection director to swim 20 minutes, I also wish to go with director of bureau of environmental protection of city of Dongguan of @ of this price offer a reward cold brook river swims. Because him economy is difficult, go out only 100 thousand, natant time also is decreased for 10 minutes. " on Feburary 17, name of small gain net is " Xiao Gongjun " the netizen also goes up in small gain " do sth following a set pattern " , bade invites the river below director of this city environmental protection 100 thousand yuan to swim. Renown attestation is small gain fact website of government of Chinese dragon harbor is editorial netizen " CHUAN- celebrates " hair small gain says: According to Cang Na prefectural dragon harbor presses down broad citizen to mirror, all wadi inside dragon harbor town are sewage crosscurrent, bad smell smokes a day, the health of dragon harbor citizen suffers menace greatly. Oneself are transient today Long Ganglong jumped road conveniently to pat a few pieces of photographs to be with offerring countrywide netizen to be seen fast, of bureau of environmental protection of the county austral the dark green that will evaluate Director Su Zhongjie to present as leading role to manage jointly ' great achievement ' . Hereby oneself decide: Great kindness of 300 thousand yuan of RMBs invites offer a reward Su Zhongjie issues a river to swim 30 minutes first. The aspirations that the backside of upsurge is common people for a short while, "Environmental protection " fire, "Environmental protection director " busy, face contend for call value " ask the river below environmental protection director to swim " " great kindness invites " , director of each district environmental protection can'ts help the heart gives birth to uneasiness, however, face causes cheap christian louboutin because of a oneself small gain society upsurge, zhejiang saves Jin Zengmin of president of limited company of glasses of prosperous of Hangzhou wool source to have feeling greatly also. 20 days, new network reporter covered this event in " genetic person " Jin Zengmin of business of short for Zhejiang Province. Jin Zengmin red bottoms black tall boots tells a reporter, original hair " offer a reward " ' the purpose of this small gain is the attention that wants to cause branch of relevant environmental protection, but did not think of to be able to draw so great society sensation really. Actually, this also explains everybody improves what having happiness to expect to the environment, this is the aspirations with common common people, so peoples ability is such be filled with indignation. " " I receive hundreds of telephone calls everyday recently, a few friends fear this thing can cause bad effect to my individual very much, but the method that the entrepreneur friends of 90% endorse me, because I also spoke the aspirations of these entrepreneur likewise. " Jin Zengmin respecting. "At first, so red high heels acerb confronting government had not considered when I deliver small gain, can produce bad consequence, because, this is the anger of an ordinary common people only, see when me once the home town of running water of picturesque scenery, brook abruptly become dirty smelly rubbish dump, more returning is sad in the heart. " Jin Zengmin says. Jin Zengmin says, investment of countryside coming home is the red bottom shoes business that may do after him, after all over there the dear one that has him red pumps and friend, still have his good memory. But, if home town became a place that cannot live completely, how can he still have idea to go back invest? "So, I want to appeal entrepreneur people, must not destroy an environment for the interest before, also want to adjure branch of function of a few environmental protection to instigate ' environmental protection ' crossbeam, return Changjiang Delta a picturesque scenery, return childhood to remember ' Sukhavati ' . " Jin Zengmin sighs with emotion. Article origin: Chinese news network
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